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041624 8:54AM


If you are reading this, I love you

You either really fuck with me or you’re really nosey and trying to see what you can steal & claim it's your idea 


This is my first entry

I’ll say stuff here that I think is important; I won’t treat it like X

Context is unbelievably important, so I hope these entries help provide some


Good news:

Music is on the way


Bad news:

My voice has been gone since mid-February

I took all my cousins and aunt to the mountains and I was the only guy

But we went bowling and I was trying to match their energy, and I fucked around and lost my voice


It’s like being on an NBA team and y'all finally built the craziest momentum,

then you break your ankle at a four-year-old’s birthday party at the skating rink


I’ve made some music with my voice being very raspy and dry

I’ve produced the music around the condition I'm in

It sounds very intimate

I personally love the sketches I’ve made but no one else I’ve played it for likes it that much

I think it is too much to get used to off first listen, which can be tricky when there's a contract involved

However, motion in the market is much needed for a lot of reasons

I am thankful, though, for the ability to see the silver lining in difficult situations


This next project is the silver lining

Thank y’all for being patient with me for the past year and some change


I haven’t been able to drop music on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. because of previous contractual issues that needed to be settled


To be clear, the label deal I was in was not a bad contract at all

In fact, just like socialism...

Actually, never mind

My contract was extremely favorable, and they ran out of money 

& as a result, they went bankrupt

And thank y'all for selling that merch out

Moving along, I signed another favorable deal with some credible people & I’m grateful 


I’m going to focus on getting my voice back to 100% so I can see y’all on the road this year


Stay safe until then, please



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